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As a venture accelerator platform, we specialise in helping brands and business in sports, media, entertainment and gaming sectors. Increasing their web 3 presence, strategic investments and IP scale. We build new projects, partnerships, and develop sustainable new revenue streams.

We also help native web3 projects and token ecosystems looking to scale.

Our experience ranges across funding and investing, to researching, designing and building new initiatives.

Whether you are a business wishing to increase exposure to web3, a native web3 project looking to scale, or an investor looking to build future projects, N3ON can help.

Our Core Offering

  • Web3 advisory service
  • Venture incubation and acceleration
  • Investment, partner labs and funding
  • Project research, design and tokenomics
  • Go-To-Market from build to testnet to launch
  • CEX and DEX listing
  • IP, brands, sports, media, entertainment, culture and gaming
  • Partnerships, licensing and sponsorship
  • Building, activating and ROI
  • Web3 native brand creation and development
  • PR, design, social media and community growth
  • Content build and Web3 curator ecosystems

Global Team

  • Ryan Horn
  • Steve Milton
  • Kosta Du
  • Stuart Gallacher
  • Nick Saponaro
  • Tamer Saudi
  • Bryson Warsap
  • Matt Kendrew
  • Chris Levy
  • Ais Kim

N3ON AlphaPartner30 applications are now open

  • Apply here to join our global community and venture ecosystem.
  • Utility of the N3ON network effect, end to end business Web3 solutions and scale.
  • We incubate, accelerate and launch within N3ON yearly cycles.
  • N3ON network and
    unrivalled experience

    N3ON Investors Network

    For further information on investor details and investment opportunities within N3ON please contact:
    [email protected]